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My vacation week…

Last week, I was on a well needed vacation… although I have a great job, it is always good to get some time off once in a while. I made it a point, with the assistance of my supervisor, to book my time off for this year as it seems every year, I don’t take all the time I need off…

Last year, on a vacation week, I was scheduled for jury duty. No problem, I thought as I am never chosen. In fact, the group I am assigned to is normally never even selected. Well of course, being on vacation, that changed. I ended up spending my whole vacation week in court. They ended up cutting me on Thursday and I believe the reason was due to me having family in law enforcement. The defense attorney wasn’t so happy about that, however, I didn’t see a problem with it. A criminal is a criminal and if the evidence suggested he was guilty, then I vote for guilty.

This year, my vacation was taken away from me too, under different circumstances. Although I did get my much needed rest and relaxation, I did have other things planned that I wanted to work on and didn’t get them done.

Lulu, my sisters dog, was bitten by something. Everyone is thinking a spider, perhaps even a black widow, as she became extremely ill. She was running a high temperature, and extremely lethargic. It came to the point where I found it necessary to even hold her up just so that she could do her business. We took her to the vet and they had seen nothing like it before. She was getting these bumps on her, that would eventually pop, and when they did… it wasn’t very pretty. They were literally filled with infection and took a lot of work to drain them. They gave her a steroid shot and some antibiotics, which did the trick… for about 2 days. She then became ill again and has since plateaued.

Today, she is obviously sick, but doesn’t seem to be in any pain. The bumps are still there, in groups, however, they stopped growing to the point they are popping. She is still under veterinary care and is on two antibiotic medications. This evening, we found it necessary to give her some baby aspirin, which was recommended in just about every website we encountered on the subject. We also have her wrapped in a cool, damp cloth, which she is allowing us to do, which makes me think it must feel good.

Friday, they have her scheduled for surgery. They want to do a biopsy of the bumps. They had also taken blood and a stool sample from her, however at this point; I am unaware of the results. I am hoping, however, when it comes time for surgery she is doing much better as I am concerned in the state she is in now, something terrible can happen.


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We must never forget…

On this, the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, we will never forget those who lost their lives by doing nothing more than showing up for work on that Tuesday morning.

We also must not forget all the service men and women who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for our continued freedom as well as to keep our country safe from further attacks.

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My return to writing…

Although my intentions were to pay a little more attention to my blog site, and to continue writing in general during my summer vacation from school, however, that hasn’t quite happened. Other than this year flying by so fast, I have hit a few speed bumps from March until present. Fortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright!

Lately, my craving to write has grown stronger. I started out with this blog site as a way to practice and improve my writing skills in preparation for some classes I was taking at school. At the beginning of the year I was so excited about writing that I registered with Yahoo, as an associated content contributor, as well as with WordPress for their “Post a Day 2011” challenge, however, as you can see, I have been less than successful.

Now, with my schedule back in order, I plan on continuing where I left off. This time around, however, I hope to make it not only consistent, but successful as well!

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I dropped the ball…

The last few days have been a mess for me. School started this week, and as I promised myself to take it easy this year, I did not. In addition to working two part time jobs, I am officially enrolled in 8 units, but I have another 4.5 units on my waitlist.

Wednesday morning I left the house at roughly 1:45am for work. After work, I reported to work on campus at roughly 10:00am. After getting off work on campus, I had a class from 7:00pm until 9:00pm (actually the class is over at 10:00pm, however, the professor let us out early). Needless to say I was away from home from 1:45am until roughly 9:15pm. What a day!

My overloaded schedule has started again, for yet another term. I spent most of Thursday and Friday recovering. When I do that to myself, I often find it takes a little time to unwind… which is not good either. Although my goal was to post to my blog daily, not only did I fail with that, I failed to get my homework done. It is not due until Tuesday, so I am still in good shape. I will get it done over the weekend.

I had a doctor’s appointment today, and to make a long story short, I was in big trouble with the doctor. She, as she always has, told me that it really is time to slow down and not work full time and go to school full time. She wants to know why I put so much on my plate, and that is an answer I can’t honestly answer. I do, however, enjoy keeping myself busy and out of trouble.

Until next time…

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Since I won’t see much of you today, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Although I know it is tough, try to get in some rest and relaxation…!

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My first Yahoo! article…

I recently signed up to become a writer for Yahoo’s Associated Content. This allows one the opportunity to write for Yahoo!, and perhaps even get paid for it. Yahoo! has millions of readers so your work will be out there for many to see. Signing up is free and can be done using the link provided above. Rest assured, working with Yahoo! Associated Content, gives you much flexibility when it comes to your work. You can choose to either keep or forfeit the rights to your writings. If you feel remotely interested, check it out… you have nothing to lose!

Although I am not a professional writer, by far, I actually enjoy writing from time to time and I am starting to write more and more for fun. It will also help me considering the major I have chosen will at one point require me to write a lot, so I feel I am kind of getting a head start and hopefully some practice. The first article I wrote for Yahoo! was a review of a local restaurant my friend and I eats at from time to time. I submitted the review on January 8, 2011 and Yahoo! put it online January 13, 2011.

You can check it out here: Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant in Fontana, California

I plan on putting links to what articles I write for Yahoo! here on my blog site. Let me know what you think! I would definitely appreciate it…

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Cool WordPress Application for the Blackberry

I found this application for my BlackBerry that will allow me to draft and publish posts for my blog.

Although I have attempted to use it to create a post about my trip to the Getty Museum, I was unsuccessful. I will have to play around with it for a bit to learn how to use it.

We are almost back to campus. I will write something up and post some photos later.

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