Winter break is finally history… Went back to school today…

Today was my first day back in school. Unlike the last year, this time around my plate isn’t so heavy. Although I am having buyer’s remorse for not filling it up, I guess it will make for nice change.

I still have both of my jobs, on and off campus, and I promised myself this year I would slow down. I guess if I ended up filling up my plate too much, I would miss out on using my Disneyland and Knott’s passes that I have for the year.

I am really looking forward to this term… I hope it is a good one and I fly through it with minimal problems.

Off to get started on my homework… Wish me luck… Until tomorrow…

P.S.: I feel like I am cheating considering this is the smallest post I have ever written, however, it does meet my objective of a post a day. Depending on my work load, I may have to sneak a few of these tiny posts’ in here. Not too many though…


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