Why did I start a blog…

As well as I can remember growing up, English has never been a favorite subject of mine. In fact, I often found writing to be very intimidating. I used to describe my participation in English as “failing with honors”.

Currently being a student, working towards my first degree, I am required to complete several English courses. I often find this very difficult and often draw a blank when in class when it comes to writing… especially when the professor drops a pop writing or essay… I scramble with all I have to put something together and often find myself feeling a lack of confidence when turning the assignment in for grading.

Although it is very difficult, as I am a huge procrastinator, I felt that pushing myself to write at least a little something daily, would give me practice writing and perhaps help me overcome the blank I draw in class when given such an assignment.

The toughest part, however, about having a blog is committing the time to actually putting up a post. Being once that spends most of my television time watching the news, I often think about topics throughout the day, and for the most part I have words for a post too, however, when I hop on the computer to put those thoughts down I again come back to the horrible blank.

I have signed myself up for services such as Plinky, and yesterday, also signed up for WordPress’ Post A Day 2011. Services such as these give those wishing to blog various ideas and topics to write about.

I made my commitment yesterday to write at least once a day. My plan of attack is to write a few posts’ that will hang out as backups, should there be a day too overwhelming for me to write.

Being employed and a student, I must ensure both of those are given the highest priority although I will do my best to not allow them to be an excuse out of creating a post.


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