Dream Act fizzles in the Senate…

Well, it seems the Senate didn’t get enough votes to send the Dream Act to the President’s desk for his signature even though it easily passed in the House… What were they thinking? The problem is: they probably were not.

Although it would be nice to see something become available to help those who haven’t broken any other laws, besides the laws they broke by coming here illegally in the first place, and to those that pay their taxes, fines, and/or other penalties assessed, now just isn’t the time. We must first, and foremost, put a stop to the thousand, if not more, who continue to come here daily. Without doing that I am convinced we are simply putting a bandage on a problem that will soon fall off, and need to be re-applied, in the near future. When do we actually stop the cat, for lack of better terms, from chasing its tail?

I hope the voters continue to send the message to our elected officials that they need to get to work. They were hired to solve problems and come up with solutions… We all know they are paid very well for their services… not to mention they also receive the BEST when it comes to their benefits packages.

I hope to see them put something together that actually helps us move forward. Shut off the flow of those coming here and then let’s talk about the Dream Act… not a moment sooner! I am sure the citizens of Arizona will be grateful for that assistance at a time when they continue loosing law enforcement personnel and innocent citizens who get caught in the fray currently taking place on the border.

Currently, illegal immigrants here in the United States have many opportunities afforded to them that they would not get in other countries. In some cases, such as education, when it comes to resident status, they are afforded breaks on tuition that even those who are citizens can not enjoy. And do not let them fool you, we DO give a path of citizenship to those who volunteer their time, and sometimes their lives, by joining our military and helping to protect our country and the freedoms we have.

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