Vote “NO” on the DREAM (Amnesty) ACT…

I have been watching the news lately and most recently with the House passing the DREAM ACT it will soon be off to the Senate, where, I am hoping our elected Senator’s side with the American People…

Why is the DREAM ACT necessary in the first place? The most popular reason I have heard to date about why its passage is essential is that it will allow those undocumented citizens that serve in our Armed Forces the opportunity for citizenship. Again, why is the DREAM ACT necessary? Don’t we currently give preference to those who are illegal and serving in our military the opportunity to become citizens? Of course we appreciate their hard work and dedication to serve in the military, one of the most dangerous professions I believe we have, however, we do not need to pass the DREAM ACT to help them with something we already help them with.

We simply CAN NOT continue to reward those breaking the law by offering amnesty, or for lack of better terms, a “get out of jail free” card. Before we put amnesty on the table we MUST first and foremost CLOSE the borders, then, let’s talk about amnesty. Not a moment sooner! Failing to close the borders will simply cause us, sometime in the future, to again offer some type of amnesty. As one can gather, it proves to be a never ending battle.

Governor Brewer, of Arizona, as well as many other states are working hard to resolve issues they are currently having with illegal immigration and it is not only sad, but reckless, to see our own government fighting them so aggressively. If they were simply doing their jobs in the first place, Ms Brewer and those like her wouldn’t have to put laws such as SB 1070 into effect in the first place.

Unfortunately as I have seen in the past, those opposing such an amnesty bill are often labeled “racist”. Before you assume that I am racist by reading my opinion, let me mention the fact not only do I personally know people that have come here illegally, I also have family members that have come here illegally. The difference is, however, those of them that have come here illegally have gone through the laundry list of obstacles, paperwork, and fees to become legal citizens of the United States. I believe allowing millions of people to bypass our laws and requirements, quite frankly, is a smack in the face to those who have worked so hard and did the right thing to become citizens. Are you confident in saying that this will be the last we hear of this? Where do we draw a line in the sand and say “enough is enough”?

It amazes me that despite our country being one of the most, if not the most lenient when it comes to laws regarding immigration, we continue to be criticized countries across the world. Those same countries have harsh, in some instances, extremely harsh punishment to those who dare break their immigration laws. Go figure! I also find it quite sad, and in my opinion, shameful, to watch those we elect into office… those who take an oath to protect the citizen of the United States… continually slam and name call on those who oppose such a bill.

PLEASE SHUT OFF THE FLOW of illegal immigrants coming to the United States BEFORE working on an amnesty program. Failing to do so will only create the same problem we are fighting so hard today to get through to be continued sometime in the future. Call your Senators to express your concern. Let’s face it, we are not doing anyone a favor by shoving this bill through Congress if we do not have a way of preventing it to happen again in the future.

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