Need a job…? Watch out for Kohl’s in Fontana…

My mom has been displaced from her job since the closing of Mervyns in December 2008. She was with the company for over 18 years and at the time of Mervyns’ closing, she worked in the Jewelry Department.

She recently applied for a position with Kohl’s in Fontana. The applications, as most do, ask for a home number and a message number. My mom filed out filed out the information appropriately with our home phone, and used my niece’s cell phone number as the message number.

A representative from Kohl’s in Fontana called our house looking for my mom. She didn’t leave a message. This representative then called my niece on her cell phone looking for my mom. My niece stated to this person that she could take a message however the representative for Kohl’s in Fontana said “We don’t leave messages”. I thought it was funny how they don’t leave messages when they called a message number.

My niece informed my mom about the situation and thought she had nothing to loose by calling back to find out what happened. She called back and spoke with several people in the human recourses department, all of which stated we never called you. My mom checked the caller ID and found a number from a “Robin” which she has know to work in the human resources’ department at Kohl’s in Fontana.

After my mom explained the situation to me, I thought she had nothing to loose by calling and speaking to the store manager. I worked for Kohl’s temporarily a few years ago and thought it was a good company. I never had any problems there and the hiring process I went through was pretty painless. That was not Kohl’s in Fontana though, that was their Redlands store and if you are familiar with the cities, they are like black and white.

She called and spoke with a manager about what happened. Now I realize why their human resources department is all screwed up and unprofessional. The manager acted with the same attitude as the staff in human resources. I have found that attitudes like that normally trickle down to other staff working within an organization or a company.

The manager she spoke with showed no interest in what happened and had nothing to say other than “uh huh” and how he would speak to the employees in human resources about what happened. The only thing that didn’t make sense was that he failed to ask for anyone’s name or information that would help him in locating the people so it is highly unlikely he actually had in interest in resolving the problem.

Good luck to anyone needing a job or interested at applying in Kohl’s in Fontana. Sounds like it will be the beginning of a great trip!

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