I was lost for a moment…

My intentions, as I am going through school, were to revive my blog site as a way to practice my writing and to kind of voice my sometimes unwanted opinion about the things that interest me. As you can see however, I have lacking so instead of starting my own site back up, I will continue with this site with the hope of finally becoming a regular and active writer.

I do have some writings in the works that will be posted shortly. My school and work schedule currently have me going crazy and I hadn’t had much time to do anything, let alone write. I have found that I can work on what I want with Microsoft Word, draft, edit, revise, etc… and then post to my site when I have the chance. Mind you, I barely started this routine yesterday, however, it seems to be working so far.

Once I re-gain the confidence to fully utilize and put files back on my laptop, I would like to post some of the essays I wrote in my Summer 2010 English class. Although my computer has been working really well since the last time it was at Best Buy, I do fear once I get comfortable again it will crash. I am NOT a Toshiba fan anymore and only wish I had saved up a little more to purchase the much more expensive, yet reliable, Apple Mac. I still have time though as I progress through school.

My family, including mom, sister, niece, and aunt, all have HP’s and they haven’t had any problems with their systems with the exception of human errors. My niece once forgot to update her virus protection and ended up with 180+ viruses. I am unsure what record she was trying to break. My aunt has had a few problems as well, but that has mostly been related to someone in her family downloading stuff off the internet without using much care. Fortunately, those problems have been fixed and I don’t receive many calls from her for assistance anymore. The products themselves seem to be tough and work really well.

I should be heading out, as I am typing up some stuff here in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. My appointment isn’t too much further out. I hope the rest of my day is as fast as the first part of it!

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