A nice drive to San Pedro…

Last weekend, my friend Irene and I took a drive to San Pedro, CA. Since my new car was in the shop because the computer that controls the lights went out, I had a loaner car. It was a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta. It was really nice, even had a navigation system built in which we used to get there since it has been years since I last visited San Pedro.

Going down the 710 freeway, I missed our exit in Long Beach and came around on Ocean Boulevard. This was great because there are two huge bridges (similar to the Golden Gate in San Francisco) that we took to get across to San Pedro. As soon as we got off the bridges, there was a corn stand right there so we stopped.

We got a roasted corn, with some butter and lemon pepper, and it was great. It totally hit the spot. They also had fountains in which families were hanging out, splashing water all over themselves. It seemed that a lot of people had the idea to get out for the day. Off in the distance you could see the ships pulling into dock from other countries I am assuming due to the number of shipping containers we saw. It was really nice to just hang out and see the scenery.

Continuing south into San Pedro, we stopped in Ports O Call and took a walk up and down the few shops and many restaurants along the shore. It was extremely packed down there. As I said, we must have not been the only ones wanting to get out. I have been there several times before and I have never remembered it being as busy as it was. I believe however, the last time I visited San Pedro; it was in the evening, maybe even a week day.

We ordered some shrimp fajitas. They come on a dining tray lined with either wax or butcher paper and it is filled with grilled shrimp, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, and potatoes. The restaurant we ate at was “Pan America” and was at the southern most part of the walk, near the Maritime Museum. It was $17.00 for the tray and came with 2 big pieces of toasted French bread with butter and spices. The food was so good!

I can’t wait until the next trip out there. I am sure we will have another good time!

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