My Toshiba Laptop has returned…

I picked up my computer from Best Buy on Friday of last week. This time when I booted it up at the store, I noticed they actually did something to it. They had re-installed Windows 2007 Professional. I checked some of the settings and also updated Windows at the store to make sure everything was working fine.

After returning home, I also re-installed McAfee Virus Protection and after a few attempts, successfully re-installed my Microsoft Office 2007. Considering my computer hasn’t been in good shape, I have had to re-install Office multiple times. Apparently, they had a problem with this as I was receiving an error message stating that I had installed it too many times. After calling Microsoft customer service, they cleared up this issue for me, fortunately.

As of today, everything seems to be working well. I have been able to update Windows, as well as my McAfee. If anything changes though, I will keep you posted!

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