My Experience with Best Buy… Part II

Although, I should actually be on Part VI, because of the lack of documentation, I will go forward from my last post.

I received the friendly email from Best Buy, sometime after midnight, informing me that my computer was ready to be picked up. Service was completed. I also received the friendly telephone call around 10:00am from an 800 number also reminding me that my computer was ready to be picked up at Best Buy.

I arrived at Best Buy around 11:00am. A lady was sitting there talking to a technician before me. Her computer was extremely sluggish and the technician recommended that she purchase their “tune-up” package as well as update the RAM. I sat down, patiently waiting to check out my computer. This lady was really good, asking the technician all kinds of questions about her computer and he would answer them one right after the other. After their visit together, her charges came to $226.00. I am sure they included the “tune-up”, “extra RAM”, as well as an installation charge. She was such a nice person, wishing me luck with my computer, before she left. I only hope that she gets the service she deserves and not the service that I received. Although she would only be out $236.00, as compared to my $1,100.00… it would still in my opinion be a terrible situation.

The person helping her, started helping me by bringing me my computer. It was different this time, as in the past, I would sign the document, grab my computer, and leave. This time, I told the person helping me that I would need to boot it up, check it out, and make any notes on the document that they required me to sign upon picking up my computer. Doing this, I believe, saved me from a tremendous headache I would have had if I had simply brought it home to check it out.

Upon booting up the system, wouldn’t you know, the same error message that I reported as being a problem when I dropped off the computer, smiled at me, as if to say “hello”. It’s that error message that tells you that there is a problem with your hard drive and Windows needs to check it. Normally, you would see this message when you shut down Windows incorrectly, however, I always shut it down the correct way. Secondly, I did a little more research and typed in “windows update” at the command box to see if my computer was able to update Windows, something else that I have been unable to do for sometime. It is necessary to keep your operating system up to date as technology changes quickly. Not only changes, however, companies like Microsoft often find after releasing a new product that there are errors in the programming that need to be fixed. Not surprisingly, this also was not fixed.

Although they claimed to have run diagnostics on the hardware and software, I am really not sure what they did because it appears they have done nothing. After explaining the situation to the person helping me, as I did with the person when I originally left it, he said he would completely wipe out the drive and re-install Windows. Remind you, this is something I have done myself about a half a dozen times. I asked the person how many times one must bring their computer in for service before they actually just replace it. I paid for the “Black Tie Protection Service” and pretty much feel that this computer is useless and will continue to be useless. He informed me that they must send it out for repair several times before they will exchange it.

Considering, they have a lot of time on their hands to be playing around with my computer and trying to get it to work, and the fact I am having fun documenting everything that is happening, I guess I will continue on with the game to see what happens. Although it has been quite frustrating actually, I guess when the time comes, and it will come soon, that I must take my problem to court for it to be resolved, at least I will have a stack of information at my side. Included in this information will be names, dates, and times, of everything that has happened since the 3rd time my computer was taken in for repair.

I am still at the point where I will NEVER purchase another Toshiba product again. This has been a long, frustrating, and extremely time consuming experience. I also have no plans at this point to even shop at Best Buy. If they can, before this situation escalates to me wasting more time filing a small claims case against them, I may change my mind.

I will, however, continue to take this computer I purchased in February 2010 to them, until the issue is fully resolved, even if it is, which, is currently the case, once every few weeks.

Why not, I paid for the service; I will make sure it gets used to its fullest capacity!

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